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"Consumer advice for mattress shoppers...

....and support for local retail businesses.

How to contact City Discount Mattress

    Thank you for your interest in what we do.

If you are a retail consumer shopping for a new mattress, we hope our consumer advice will:

  •   *  Help you become knowledgeable about the different mattress styles
  •   *  Assist you in making an informed choice that will give you a good night's sleep
  •   *  Save you money on the mattress set you select,but Please understand we cannot offer personal, individual advice.


Read more about "How to shop for a mattress" and "How to flip / rotate your mattress" in our our consumer advice pages.


  If you are a single store mattress and bedding retailer, Our marketing and advertising advice can help you compete against the large chain / franchise stores that operate in your "MSA" (Metropolitan Statistical Area). We hope you've arrived at this web site because you've heard good things about what we've been able to accomplish for one of our retail partners. We specialize in assisting retail mattress stores. We can help you thrive, even in this economy. The City Discount mattress team develops marketing plans that increase floor traffic and total monthly sales volume for single store / low unit number mattress retailers. We are selective in where and how we use our resources, and only work with a small, focused group of clients at any one time.


  Would you like to discuss how we can develop an individualized sales plan for your store(s)?

Please send a note to [Request]-AT- our web address, City Discount Mattress-dot-com.

You will be contacted by one of our company principals. We respond to everyone.


  If you are interested in a job with our team, tell us a little about "you" and your personal work history in the regular message text of an e-mail. DO NOT send your resume as an attachment. Our spam filters WILL remove what you've worked so hard to prepare. Please send your note to [Resume]-AT- our web address, City Discount Mattress-dot-com. We respond to everyone.


  Please note: We do not make the City Discount telephone number or presonal e-dresses and phone numbers available online, on purpose. Privacy is a serious issue for us. We don't want automated robots gathering our contact details. Please understand that our lack of instant availability to you, now, is NOT a reflection of our interest in you or how we comminicate when we work together.


City Discount PO Box Two Eight Zero Five Nine Two Tampa, Florida 33682

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