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....and support for local retail businesses.

What you need to know about City Discount Mattress

City Discount Mattress is a marketing team with a unique mixture of skills. This allows us to aid and assist the smallest,
locally-owned / owner-operated retail mattress stores. We are marketers, sales trainers, inventory/logistics experts, motivators and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. The competitive pressure from the franchise / chain stores, the department stores, furniture stores, plus "branded" outlets, like Tempur-Pedic, Sleep Number and Dormia make it even more critical that you are ready to compete effectively


City Discount specializes in helping the smallest mattress retailers.

We work best with the single store [or low unit number] owners. We won't tell you How to run your store(s), because they are your store(s). What we can do is offer the combined expertise of a traditional ad agency, mixed with proven on-line marketing tools, community involvement programs and a real, practical hands-on help. We have years of factory and retail experience. We know "beds".

It's not easy. There are no quick solutions to the challenges you face, but we've "been there" and take the time to learn about your specific situation, before developing a plan to help.


City Discount is known as a "quiet" marketing partner, because we aggressively avoid publicity. You are the focus of our work. What really matters is how we can increase your floor traffic and bottom-line, year-end profitablility. If you have an experienced sales/support staff in a viable retail traffic location, but see stagnant gross sales because of a national / regional bedding chain or other new entrants into your MSA, Contact City Discount Mattress to start a conversation about what we may be able to do for you.

What is this thing called a "Put-up or Shutup" Challenge?


The "industry expert" said: "If you are so smart, why don't you open your own mattress store". OK, we accepted the challenge! City Discount Mattress found two gentlemen, starting a new single store location, in early 2005. We reached an agreement to demonstrate our plans.

The store was 2700 sq/ft and did NOT inventory any S-brand or any "name" foam mattress. For reasons we couldn't control, it had a less than ideal "address" and needed to generate showroom traffic with an ad budget supported ONLY by store cash-flow. Sound familiar? We took the store "as is" and moved it from $20 thousand/month in sales to $65k/month in under 70 days. Sadly, after 10 months, the owner-partners thought they had learned all they could from us and decided our small fee was profit they could share. Within the following 5 months, the sales dried up, vendors wanted "cash on delivery" and the taxing authorities were knocking on the door.


"Put-up or Shutup" Challenge II "The Sequel":

At the 2007 national show, the "industry expert" said: "Anyone can have one success story. What are you doing now?" We respect the confidentiality of our clients. We couldn't talk about other successes, so we accepted the challenge again.

After looking around to find someone willing to allow us to "talk" about some of the details and specifics of their situation, a new "challenge" was undertaken. We chose another single location / individual owner, with a store located away from most major traffic arteries. The Inventory was quality , new beds, but again, no "S" brand or "name-brand" products. The metropolitan area had 3 franchise operators, all the department stores, plus Tempur-Pedic & Sleep Number stores in about 12 major mall locations. Our requirement was to grow sales with an advertising budget limited by store "cash-flow". We hoped the April 1, 2009 "start date" did not mean we were fools to try again. Within 14 months, sales were so noticeable by others in the market-place, the store was sold / absorbed by a locally-owned furniture retailer looking to expand product lines [without our assistance].


"Put-up or Shutup" Challenge III "The Return of the Challenge"

At a 2010 product show, the "industry expert" said: "If you are so damn smart, why don't you open your own stores?" With the "closings" and failures of so many independent retailers limiting the number of potential clients, we decided the rude suggestion had merit. If we couldn't help others, we'd help ourselves.... so we did. In late 2010, we opened a single location mattress retail store, supported solely by cash-flow from sales, in a marketplace of 3 [soon to be 4] franchise operators, 3 department stores [with multiple locations], 2 regional appliance retailers and a flood of re-man/re-furb/"truck-load" sellers operating from warehouses and loading docks across the metro. First year sales supported the expansion of a second location, that opened in late 2011. So far, It seems we are as smart as we think we are.


If you are looking for practical, real-world advice, Contact City Discount Mattress. Ask how we can help you grow sales, improve traffic quality, increase average "ticket" size and be profitable.The economy is a challenge, but we've met that challenge and succeeded.
We can help you too.

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